1 May 2016

Everything under control

RAZ Forces Arrive in Nabali
 This morning the RAZ forces arrived in Nabali. Nearly 300 men, 16 armoured vehicles and 15 trucks with their supplies and cargo have reached the small city of Nabali. The convoy left Port Espoir military base yesterday morning and had no trouble along the way. Many happy and relieved faces greeted them. The news of the nightly raids had spread rapidly under the population and fear of attacks grew stronger.
Happy faces along the way
Nabali is a small city but lays at a strategic position. Many of the roads from the coast to the north lead trough the city or it's neighbouring villages. The RAZ forces have started to build the base camp at the former athletic field at the northern edge of the city. Patrols are expected to be dispatched later today and road block checkpoints will be set up shortly.

Col. Obi Mphatso speaks
At 12:00 Colonel Obi Mphatso spoke to a crowd of gathered civilians at the Nabali sports fields. He assured the safety of the city and swore to track down the criminals responsible for the recent raids. The crowd cheered and chanted "RAZ! RAZ! RAZ!".

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