17 May 2016

RAZ models painted

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It took a little while but I have now finished painting my Republican Army Zangali (RAZ) force. These are all Eureka Miniatures 28mm ZANLA models. I have 29 of them in various poses and with several different weapons although most models have an AK47 or a rifle but I also have some with RPG's and LMG's. I have only a few duplicates.

I have given the RAZ men a mix and match outfit. Most of the men wear combat combat boots and army clothing but some have sandals and/or a t-shirt. I have painted the duplicate models up differently so you don't even notice there are some "twins"in the army.

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The colours I used are;
Camo: Vallejo Brown Violet, Vallejo Flat Earth, Vallejo Khaki, Vallejo Black Grey.
Webbing: Vallejo German Camouflage Beige.
Berets: Vallejo Burnt Cad. Redy, Vallejo Red.
Skin: Vallejo Chocolate Brown, Vallejo Flat Earth.

I just painted these models in the colours above and painted the rest of the details like eyes, knives and weapons. then I washed
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the models in a light wash of Agrax Earthshade (still the best wash imho). Then repainted the models
with the colours above and then highlighted them with the colours above and some added Vallejo Ivory. I highlight everything in two different shades going from darkest to lightest to get more depth. To finish the models I airbrush some Vallejo Matt Varnish on them to take the shine off.

It's a shame I can't take better pictures. the colours in these photo's are a bit off. the vibrant red berets are really more burgundy red and the skin depth doesn't really come out good on these pictures but you get the general idea.

I will use these models for my upcoming battle reports with various rule sets. I now have about 30 Eureka Somalis on my painting table that will feature as my rebel militia.
The republican Army Zangali infantry force
Stay tuned for more...

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