9 May 2016

Patrol attacked near Nabali

After a brief period of peace the people in the villages around Nabali once again live in fear. This morning a patrol that was on it's way from the main base in Nabali to a nearby checkpoint just outside the city was hit by an ambush attack. Two Humvee's and two trucks were knocked out, most of the soldiers that were on board were killed. The few soldiers who survived the attack said it happened really quick and they had no idea what hit them. The attack was over in just a few minutes and in the chaos the soldiers were unable to identify the enemy or their position.

Investigation at the scene has provided little information about the attack. What is known is that at 07:12am the lead Humvee was hit by a roadside bomb. The vehicles caught behind the burning wreck were stuck at the narrow road when they where hit from the flanks with RPG's and machine gun fire. From the evidence found at the scene it is estimated that this attack was well coordinated and carried out by at least 12 men. The soldiers in the vehicles were caught of guard and most were killed instantly. Most of the men that managed to get out were gunned down on the road in deadly crossfire. 24 soldiers died and only 3 survived the attack.

The people in Nabali and surrounding villages had been assured that they would be save now the Zangali army is in the city but many now feel the rebels will continue their attacks. The people behind the raids had always attacked by night but the zangali army only moved at day light. It seems the rebels have altered their strategy and don't hold back. Many men have formed vigilante groups that patrol the suburb regions. However their weapons are old and unreliable and it is feared they will be no match for the rebels.

The Zangali government and president Anan have not yet responded officially on the attack.

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