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Mission 1: Jungle patrol
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Rule sets for Zangali
On this page a will Battle Reports (BatReps) / After Action Reports (AAR) for my Zangali games. At this moment I'm still building the armies, scenery and gaming tables but the first games should appear here soon.

I'm planning on using a couple of different rule sets to get a good feel what suits me and Zangali best. You can't really compare all the rule sets, some specialise in small team skirmish games and some on a little bigger games with a higher model count.

Games I'm looking forward to play are:

  • Black Ops by Guy Bowers
  • Skirmish Sangin by DishDash Games
  • Force on Force by Amush Alley
  • Oscar Sierra Mike by Evil Bear Wargames
  • Chain of Command Fighting Season by Too Fat Lardies

I'm probably going to start with Guy Bowers' Black Ops. it seems like a friendly game for smaller games and you can play it with a few players at the same time. It's also the only rulebook I've got yet but I'll buy the others soon. (some aren't yet released but I can wait)

I have been Wargaming for some time now (9 years) and played a lot of Warhammer fantasy, Warhammer 40K, Bolt Action and a bit of Chain of Command but I'm new to "Modern Wargaming" so if you have any tips or advice just let me know. You can contact me by e-mail

Stay tuned...

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