11 May 2016

Anan responds to attacks

no stone left unturned
President Anan has responded to the recent attack in Nabali which killed 24 republican soldiers. In the 2 hours long speech Anan declared war on all rebels and complimented the people of Zangali, their blind faith in the government is heartwarming in these troublesome times. He also pointed out that the republican forces should have limitless resources for their task to eradicate any threat to the nation’s stability and peace. Therefor both ministers of Finance and National Security have begun negotiations with various arms dealers and foreign liaisons.

Anan: “To support our troops in their task to locate and crush the criminal rebels who aim to undermine the people’s faith in the republican and democratic government I have made new resources available. We can only ask a small contribution of our loyal citizens for the aid to their safety and therefor I will only raise taxes by 5%. Together we are strong, Together we stand, Together we are proud to be Zangali”

His speech was met with cheers and dancing by some but others were worried about the impending tax increase. This rebel attack against the sitting government seems to hit the people already living in poverty the hardest. 

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