Zangali's main Characters

The Anan family:
President Ime Anan "Baba", Born 1963, Abate.

Ime Anan "Baba"
Ime anan was born in a poor family in the city Abate. In his young live he didn't go to school simply as he had to work to support his family. At a younger age he scavenged the streets for usable goods and opportunities to make money. As an adolescent he worked at the local meat factory and had various tasks from packaging to transport.
When he was old enough (17) he joined the Republican Army Zangali(RAZ) and as a soldier he earned a little more money. He was based at the Port Espoir military base and was sent out on patrols to the northern regions where the RAZ had a hard time controlling the area. Much to the ignorance of the people in the south the RAZ used brute force and crude methods to control the people in the north. It is now believed that the seed of Anan’s current methods of ruling the country lie here within his time with the RAZ. Over the years Anan managed to move up trough the ranks and became Major of the 1st Zangali Rifle Regiment
When president Banga celebrated his 30th year as president of Zangali there were many army officials that wanted to overthrow the government and install a new president, the growing civil unrest would certainly aid this. Anan didn’t hesitate and rallied his regiment and at midnight on November 11th 2009 his troops stormed the presidential palace, killed the presidential guard and arrested president Banga.
Ime Anan appointed himself as acting ruler of the country, Banga’s government was decommissioned and the army seized power over all government organisations and departments. In the later trial Banga claimed innocence to all charges of fraud, corruption and murder but was found guilty. He was sentenced to death by firing squad and  was executed the next morning on December 5th 2009 at 07:00.
New president Anan appointed a new government instantly, most of which consisted out of his former fellow army officers. Once again the nation was in a severe state of civil unrest as most of the civilians had been hoping on fair and controlled elections but to no avail. Anan brushed all protests aside and comforted the people with national celebrations for the new government. The protests subsided slowly and the new rulers were “accepted”. Under new rule it was soon prohibited to protest and opposition leaders were arrested on charges of causing civil unrest. They were never seen or heard of again… Ime Anan was firmly in charge ruling the country with an iron fist!
(Take a look at Ime Anan's 28mm model here)

First lady Damila Anan, born 1988, Batongo.

Damila Anan
Mrs. Damila Anan is the presidents second wife. She is the daughter of Marcus Damana the wealthy owner of the "Zafri Trans" Transport company. Damila grew up in a wealthy and luxurious environment. She met Anan when he had just came to power and he visited the Damana’s mansion to speak to Damila’s father to discuss political matters. Anan was immediately taken by the beautiful shipping tycoons daughter. She married Ime Anan in 2011 after a short courtship following the death of Mrs. Manili Anan, the first wife of the president. Manili had hoped for a more social climate when her husband came to power and many say that if she hadn’t died that Zangali would be under a far more civil reign then it is now. Her death was publicized by government officials but no one really knows what caused her death.
Shortly after Damila became the presidents wife she fell pregnant with Ime’s third and youngest son Mosi. Damila doesn’t concern herself with politics or the upbringing of her son. She much prefers styling the presidential palace and shopping and is often seen in a new fur coat of some sort of endangerment specie.

Oldest son: Hakeem Anan, born 1984, Batongo.

Hakeem Anan
Hakeem is President Anan and his first wife Manili’s eldest son. When he was born his father was an upcoming man in the army but he surely wasn’t as powerful as he is now. His father was a stern man and Hakeem was brought up to always aim for the highest goals. He was expected to get high grades at school and was then sent to the military academy in Port Espoir for young officers. His father always pushed him to do better and Hakeem was under strain and led a stressful life as a child and young man. He finished top of his class as a cadet and went to the army as a lieutenant straight from the academy. Always seeking his father’s approval Hakeem always wanted to be the best but didn’t make many friends.
In 2005 he fell in love with Anita Lomo a young nurse from the military hospital which he met when he was recovering from jungle fever. His father told him he must have had a severe case of fever because a nurse was no good match for him. Within 3 months Hakeems girlfriend was pregnant and President Anan tried to persuade his son to leave her promising she would be taken good care of. Hakeem refused, for the first time in his life he felt loved and soon would have a child of his own. Unfortunately his pregnant girlfriend Anita was killed in a traffic accident a month before she was due. Hakeem was distraught with grief and accused his father of murder. Ime Anan denied the accusations and fell out with his oldest son. Of course Hakeem is still family so he has a nice position in the RAZ as captain in the honorary guard.
Hakeem is 4 years older then his stepmother, has no relationship or children and is often seen drinking. He would like to fight the rebels at the front but instead he is stuck in an honorary job with hardly any responsibilities.

Second son: Sefu Anan, born 1986, Batongo.

Sefu Anan in better days
Sefu is President Anan and his first wife Manili’s second son. Since his birth he has always been in the shadow of his older brother. He grew up always having to compete with his bigger and stronger brother. His father used to tease him that he was so small he would not be strong enough to ever pick up a gun and would never be a good soldier. As an adolescent he became interested in rap music and gangster culture inspired by Hollywood movies and video clips. He tried starting a career as a rapper but living in a war torn country in Africa didn’t help. Sefu became more and more impatient and frustrated by the lack of success and soon turned to drugs. He threatened and blackmailed the family’s personnel into bringing him cocaine or otherwise they would lose their job and be sent to prison. When Sefu was 26 he went out one day in his expensive Mercedes under the influence of drugs. In a crazy and wild ride often reaching speeds of 90 m/hr (150km/h) he hit and killed a pedestrian before he ran his car into a wall. When police reached the scene Sefu Anan came out of his car and shot and killed a police officer. The police recognized the young man and therefor didn’t return fire but managed to arrest him when he ran out of bullets. High on drugs he was treated in the Batongo city hospital before he was jailed in the main police station. Because his father would not let one of his sons go to jail he “Persuaded” the judge to put Sefu under house arrest. He has since then never appeared in public and little is known about Sefu’s living conditions in the presidential palace or how he spends his time.

Youngest son: Mosi Anan "Junior", born 2011, Batongo.

Mosi "Junior" Anan
Mosi is the presidents youngest son and only child of Damila Anan. Mosi has two older half brothers from his fathers first marriage. Mosi is spoilt by his parents and is often dressed in military attire because young Mosi wants to be just like his father. His two older brothers look at Mosi with envy, he seems to get all the attention and is often jokingly called the next president of Zangali by his father. Since the president fell out with his oldest son Hakeem and his other son Sefu has dissapointed him greatly it seems all his fathers attention goes to the youngest member of the Anan family. Therefor Mosi is called “Junior” by most people including his parents.

Zangali Government:
Minister of finance: Andile Kumbokani, Born 1976, Mangala.

Andile Kumbokan
Like most of the Zangali government ministers Kumbokani has served in the RAZ. After the coup he remained in the army as a colonel and was in charge of the Zangali presidential guard. Being close to president Anan it wasn't long before Kumbokani came to his attention. His easily corruptible mind and hunger for power made him a perfect candidate for the new government yet to be formed.
In 2010 Kumbokani was sworn in as the new minister of finance by Anan. He would now take seat in the new government and be rewarded with a more than generous salary, holiday home and of course a luxurious armored car and chauffeur fitting for his new status.
In return he only would have to turn a blind eye to presidential "expenses" and show up at official government meetings (usually a 4 to 6 hours rant by president Anan). Any decision involving government funds and how they were spent were made and signed off by the president himself. His formal title would mean nothing more than  "Government advisor".

Minister of national security: Kwame Olabode, Born 1962, Boka.

Kwame Olabode
Olabode is one of the few current ministers that didn't serve in the RAZ and he wasn't sworn in as minister until his predecessor Mr. Doeman Mkobo was assassinated by the Militia rebels in 2012. Olabode had until then served Mboko as chief of the secret police and intelligence office. He was feared by the rebels, resistance that support the rebels but maybe even more so by his own men as he could be merciless if they failed to carry out his orders. His ruthless ways of getting information about the whereabouts of the rebels made him the most suitable candidate for the role of minister of national security.
Although Olabode receives a high salary as a reward for his services he doesn’t seem to care about money but seems to enjoy his work tracking down the enemies of the nation, torturing prisoners for information and his personal reign of terror. Kwame Olabode is one of the most feared men in Zangali.

Minister of foreign affairs: Ade Bokari, Born 1968, Churchill - Zugando

Ade Bokari
Bokari is the only foreign government official in the country. Bokari had fled his own country of Zugando which was strugling to deal with the civil war. Bokari had hoped to find peace in Zangali but instead he was enlisted in the RAZ and was placed in the 1st rifle regiment, the same regiment as Ime Anan. Because Bokari was only a foreigner he could never achieve a higher rank than sergeant but Anan had seen he had the capabilities to achieve so much more. When Anan came to power he met Bokari again when he inspected the forces. Anan jokingly said that his old buddy should be the minister of foreign affairs as he was a "bloody foreigner" himself. Later when Anan invited diplomats from other african nations he ordered Bokari to show the diplomat of Zugando around and act as his servant for the time of his visit. When the conference was over he asked Bokari to stay on as oficial minister of foreign affairs. He had found his place in Zangali.

Zangali Army:
Commander Aboubacar Diouff

General Aboubacar Diouff

Colonel Obi Mphatso

Colonel Obi Mphatso

Captain Dayo Tatenda "Captain Dayo"

Cpt. Dayo Tatenda

Sergeant Kwame Amensa

Sgt. Kwame Amensa

Rebel Militia:

Warlord Lebon Banga, Born 1972, Batongo

Lebon Banga
Lebon Banga is the son of former president Davide Banga. When his father was the president of Zangali Lebon was a captain in the presidential guard of the Republican Army Zangali (RAZ) . When Anan attacked the presidential palace in the coup all presidential guards were killed. Anan hoped to take out Lebon Banga as he was his father's logical successor but fortunately for Lebon he managed to escape with his loyal attache Jimmy Ebouwe. Together they fled north away from the capitol, away from the RAZ and the new government. His father was born in the north and had a great following there. The people took Lebon under their wings and it wouldn't take long before he formed a local militia. He trained his man, organised raiding parties and attacked the RAZ with guerrilla attacks. Soon his following started to grow and that resulted in the Northern Armed Militia (NAM). Lebon turned out to be a great leader, he has the charisma to rally people behind hem, he is military trained and understands the battlefield as well as guerrilla warfare but he was also ruthless and had only one goal, take back what was once his... He is on a mission to overthrow the government and kill Ime Anan to avenge his fathers death.

Bodyguard Jimmy Ebouwe, Born ???? - ????
Little is known about the early life of Jimmy Ebouwe. First records of him date to his time in the RAZ when he was picked to be Lebon Banga's attache in the presidential guard. Ebouwe was everything you could ask of a soldier. he obeyed orders without questioning them, he was eager to get into action, he was fit and a great shooter. It were these qualities that got him noticed by his superiors. When he was appointed as Lebon Banga's attache he vowed his loyalty to him and to this day never disappointed him. Whenever there is a dirty job to be taken care of "Jimmy" does it for Lebon. The men in the NAM sometimes think that he's crazy and a liability but no one dares to say anything about it. Lebon and Jimmy have been side by side for so many years now that they almost seem inseparable. On the battlefield you can always make out Ebouwe by his Golden AK47, a gift from Lebon that he always caries with him.

Iweme Mpensa a.k.a. Captain Daddy Pain, Born 1968, Boka
Iweme Mpensa
Mpensa is a true northern man. He had lived in the northern regions for all his life and has been living of poaching in the Gola Rainforrest reservation. He has Always been anti government. First it were former president Banga's  reservation rangers that hunted him, now the goverment's troops. At first Mpensa didn't care much for Lebon Banga but he soon realised he could better join him and fill his pockets with loot instead of having two enemies. Whenever there's a raid organised you can be sure that he will be there. Mpensa is a true opportunist and not very keen to take on government troops unless there's a good chance he can get his hands on some loot. He only cares about himself and his own wealth. But because he's been living as a poacher and a hunter for so long he can lead his men through the jungle in a very fast pace and he's a master of stealth tactics. He is very dangerous with a hunting knife and he uses it to as often as he can. The "nature man" is one side of him but his ruthless side comes out when he interogates prisoners or villagers when he wants information. His prefered method is to use his knife to skin people alive. That's why they call him captain Daddy Pain... 

Nicolas Mananga a.k.a. Captain Killer Boss, Born 1983, Sanalé
Nicolas Mananga
Not many know but he has served in the RAZ when he was young. As a soldier he was in charge of "protecting" a gold claim and the miners working there. The goldmine had to reach a certain target amount of gold every week. The guards at the mine were responsible that these targets were met. In 2012 Mananga could not meet the target and the secret police came to the mine. They used sticks and bats to beat up Mananga as an example for the other guards what would happen if the targets weren't met. Mananga lost an eye in the "incident" and deserted from the army as soon as he could walk. He fled north and joined the militia rebels supporting Banga. Over the years he proved himself a valuable soldier in the rebel army and soon he had his own group of soldiers to command. Fueled by hatred against government troops he uses guerrilla tactics to kill as many army soldiers as possible. He once single handedly killed 15 soldiers in one raid giving him the name Killer Boss.

Private Military Companies:

Global Defence and Risk Management (GDRM)
The london based GDRM is formed by a group of investors that see conflicts around the world as an ideal opportunity to make money and profit. They hire military trained personal and send them out to conflict zones. They work for governments but mostly for global companies that have an interest to protect in conflict zones. The GDRM specialises in personal protection, high value transport, protection of property and assets and training of domestic personel. Another branch of their company specialises in consultancy and risk management. They have a lot of contractors working all aound the world. If there´s in interest to protect and companies and governments are willing to pay they can expect top level service. The GDRM have enough resources, men, weapons and vehicles to get te job done.

GHOST Group 5 (GHOST5)
This PMC was formed straight after the first gulf war. A group of American soldiers that retired of active duty had trouble fitting in society and couldn´t find jobs that gave them the satisfaction they found on the battlefield. They mostly came from a spec. ops group called GHOSTS and were the first to work as a team but soon they added more and more former army buddies. Nowadays they have grown to a full size PMC and have peronel for every job. From former navy helicopter pilots and spec ops agents to normal soldiers, they have what it takes to get the job done. They are considered to be somewhat of a rogue group because they sometimes go beyond the actual mission. The term "overkill" comes to mind.

Red Earth Conflict Control (RECC)
South African based Private Military Group which had it's origins in the Rhodesian war. This company is very experienced in dealing with conflicts on the African continent. It has been involved in the Rhodesian, Liberian, Sudan, Mali and Ugandan war as well as the Sierra Leone civil war.
Little is known about it's assets but this company has been around for years and years profiting of the many African wars. They work for who ever is willing to pay the price. They have no moral code they work by, no rules they have to follow. Simply put they finish the job for the highest bidder.

Peacekeepers force:
US Commander W.J. Whitmore
USMC Captain P.S. Winters
USMC Lieutenant John "Texas" Stilman
USMC Sergeant Marcus T. Jameson
USMC Team Cobra 1
French Foreign Legion:
Commandant Francois Beaumonde
Lieutenant Jean Fontaine
Sergent Chef Albert Chouquet
The 3rd foreign infantry regiment
BBC Reporter: John Thaw 
CNN Reporter: Nicole Washington

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