29 April 2016

A look behind the scenes

Since we are just beginning this journey I thought it would be nice to show you, the reader where the physical side of the Zangali project comes to live. This is my work station. This is where I build and paint the models and scenery. I like to keep everything at arms length so I can just sit down and work. My work station isn’t always as tidy as you see it in the pictures. When I start a new project, say a unit, tank or some bits of scenery I try to start with an empty desk but during the project I tend forget my Clean Desk Policy and there are bottles of paint, glue, sprues, etc, etc everywhere and I end up with a working space of about 12”x 12”. I have bought a lot of different hobby tools over the past 10 years and not in this picture is the mountain of stuff I have accumulated to use one day for a special project, a bit of scenery or just can’t part with. 

I currently use two types of paint. I still have a lot of citadel paints from the time I did a lot of Games Workshop but in the past 3 years I have made the transition to Vallejo paints. I have about 100 Citadel pots and about 150 Vallejo bottles I use. I have an airbrush that I use for priming and base coating infantry models, vehicles are painted mostly with the airbrush (Harder & Steenbeck evolution silverline) but I use a normal brush for the details on infantry models.

In these pictures you can see I’m doing a lot of Bolt Action. For the past 3 years I have made a couple of gaming tables, boxes full of scenery and 4 different armies. I have a British, US Marines, Germans and Japanese army and all armies range from 1200 to 3000 points. I have two Ikea Detolf cabinets in which I keep some of my painted models. Not really clear in this picture but at the bottom of the cabinets you can see my 40K Orks, my first love so to speak and they are still very dear to me. 

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