12 May 2016

Notorious arms dealer in town

"Papa" Redvik, notorious arms dealer
Today the minister of National Security Kwame Olabode and Minister of Finance Andile Kumbokani struck a deal with the Notorious Arms dealer "Papa" Redvik.
Mr. Redvik is a well known man in the black market arms trade and is often seen there were humanity and peace are absent.

Mr. Redvik officially resides in the tax heaven called the Netherlands in Europe and his "company" even has a webshop where many warlords and dictators buy their latest toys.

President Anan of Zangali has been having negotiations with many foreign diplomats willing to sell their old and abundant war gear but were asking a high price knowing the situation in Zangali is urgent. Therefor Anan made his ministers strike a deal with a wanted arms dealer, this way he can not be linked to the transaction and maintains his deniability.

Unknown is how much money is involved in the trade or what weapons will be shipped to Zangali and how. Because "Papa"Redvik is a pure opportunist one should not be surprised if he would now turn to the rebel leaders with information and a sweet deal.. The weapons race has started.

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