10 June 2016

Jungle terrain preview

Preview of the jungle table
It's been a bit quiet on the blog the past two weeks. That's because I was organizing the Dutch Bolt Action Nationals on June 5th. There's always a lot of last minute work to do with these events so all of my spare time went into that. But that doesn't mean that there wasn't any progress made on the Zangali project.

I wanted to use one of my gaming tables at the tournament and I will also use that for the Zangali jungle missions. I have been working on this table for some time now and now it is finished. I will add some smaller items and scenery for Zangali but for now it will pass as a Pacific jungle table.

I was really excited to try all the different pieces I have made, most of which are DIY projects, all together on one table. I had never seen it all put together so I took some pictures with my Iphone. I will do a proper introduction on the table later and plan to do some tutorials on how I made things.

For this 6x4 table I have made three 2x1 boards that can fit together in a number of ways. I have made a modular river system with some bends and curves so I can lay it out on the table in various ways. I made 5 Line of Sight blocking mountains, 3 Sarissa precision jungle huts which I have modified quite a bit and also I sarissa precision guard tower which I changed to fit my vision. Most work went into the Jungle scenery. I have 30 pieces in all shapes and sizes.

So here's a sneak preview of the table,.. more soon..

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