27 April 2016

RAZ Forces Moving North

Machete wars
In recent weeks we received multiple reports of violence in the northern regions of Zangali. Human rights watchdogs have voiced alarm of a series of attacks that can no longer be classed as "incidents". The Northern regions have a history of clashes between rival tribes and warlords. This doesn't seem to be the case right now. When rival tribes clash or when feuds between warlords are fought out there are hardly any civilian casualties. These "Machete wars" always have been fights between tribal soldiers from one region against tribal soldiers from another.

In the past few weeks several small villages have been attacked. Each time the attackers came armed with rifles and guns and seemed very organised. They have been quick and deadly, like a military operation. The attacks are carried out at night when everybody is asleep. In the morning the men in the village are either captured or killed. No one knows why they have been taken or where they are now. 46 men between the age of 16 and 50 have been captured and 17 killed.

President Anan has announced he will end the attacks and kill those responsible. A convoy of military vehicles has been dispatched to the North. They are on their way to the small city Nabali where they will set up a forward base of operations. Nabali itself has not been attacked but some of the small villages nearby are at risk. Patrols in the region should track down the criminal gangs soon.

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