25 April 2016

Africa Cup 2017 News

In order to qualify for the African Cup of Nations 2017 in Gabon our Zangalions need to book results quickly. The first 4 matches of the qualifying stage have all been lost. Our neighbors in Liberia hold the best cards for going to the tournament.

Stade d'Olympique in Abate
Last nights game vs Zwasiland was the best opportunity to score our first points but unfortunately we lost the game 1-4. The President who was watching the game from the presidential lounge, met with the players after the game. He did not blame them for the disappointing loss. Our Zangalions still play all home games in the old "Stade d'Olympique" in Abate but the new Stadium in Batongo is almost finished. Once we get a decent stadium the results will come.
Qualifying stage standings Group B

the Zangalions
The 1-4 loss was another setback for our hopes to go to the Africa cup in Gabon next year but the positive to take from the game is that we scored our first goal in the qualifying series. Our striker Abousa Dembebe managed to score the penalty that was given in the 81st minute. The decisions to give the penalty was contested by the Zwasiland players. They did not think it was a hand ball and in the argument that ensued the referee from Mali gave the centerback defender Dibi Amasous his second yellow card. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time for the Zangalions to come back against the 10 Zwasiland players. After the match our supporters were disappointing with the loss but were very happy with the first goal, the first of many to come...

In this mornings news show our president Ime Anan said that last nights game was the perfect example of how peaceful the country is now. Anan: "Even when we lose a game we don't lose control. No riots have been reported, no arrests were made. I hear people say we should be concerned by the recent reports of violence in the north but saw nothing to be concerned of last night. We are one nation, one people, loving our country. The people can sleep safely, no need to worry"

In our next show: Troop mobilization in military base "Port Espoir" have been reported but are  yet unconfirmed.

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