17 March 2018

Red Earth Conflict Control

Red Earth team in Zangali
Red Earth Team in Zangali (Eureka miniatures) CLICK TO ENLARGE
In this picture you see a Red Earth Conflict Control (RECC) team, Private military contractors active in Zangali. The team has one heavy weapon specialist, one team leader and six operatives with various weapons. Models are Eureka Miniatures PMC

Red Earth Conflict Control (RECC)

South African based Private Military Group which had it's origins in the Rhodesian war. This company is very experienced in dealing with conflicts on the African continent. It has been involved in the Rhodesian, Liberian, Sudan, Mali and Ugandan war as well as the Sierra Leone civil war.

Little is known about it's assets but this company has been around for years and years profiting of the many African wars. They work for who ever is willing to pay the price. They have no moral code they work by, no rules they have to follow. Simply put they finish the job for the highest bidder.

You find more information about the characters and active groups in Zangali HERE

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