23 July 2018

GHOST5 team

GHOST5 team in Zangali (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Warlord games models
One of the deadliest groups currently active in Zangali is GHOST Group 5 (GHOST5).

This PMC was formed straight after the first gulf war. A group of American soldiers that retired of active duty had trouble fitting in society and couldn´t find jobs that gave them the satisfaction they found on the battlefield. They mostly came from a spec. ops group called GHOSTS and were the first to work as a team but soon they added more and more former army buddies. Nowadays they have grown to a full size PMC and have peronel for every job. From former navy helicopter pilots and spec ops agents to normal soldiers, they have what it takes to get the job done. They are considered to be somewhat of a rogue group because they sometimes go beyond the actual mission. The term "overkill" comes to mind.

These models come from the Warlord games Project Z game. These are made out of the special forces set which comes with a lot of options. The models look ok but putting them together is a nightmare.
I went for an all black combat uniform. Nice and easy to paint and you can easily identify them as one on the gaming table.

You find more information about the characters and active groups in Zangali HERE

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