11 March 2018

Election time in Zangali

Good evening Zangali... Today was the first day of the national elections. Voting was largely peaceful throughout the country during election day. Observers deemed the polls generally free, fair, and transparent. The country was holding it's breath because of the recent unrests.

The elections in Zangali are held over a period of three days to enable all Zangalians to vote. Some have to travel large distances and have to make a several day trip to reach the polling station to cast their ballots.

The current government has agreed to enable UN-observers to monitor the elections. They are present at the polling stations and so far they are satisfied. Each voter has to dip it's right thumb in a pot of red dye and make a fingerprint impression on their ballot form, Then sign the form with their signature and check the box of their candidate. This way no one can vote twice.

Tomorrow is the second day and maybe then more can be said about the possible outcome of the elections.

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