17 June 2016

Checkpoint attacked

Checkpoint in Nabali attacked
Earlier this morning a Military checkpoint near the Nabali army base was attacked.

At 07:21am a small utility van was stopped at an outer checkpoint in Nabali only 800 meters from the Army base. The van was stopped on it’s way to the base in a routine control. Bystanders say that when the driver was asked for his papers he made a nervous impression. When asked to get out of the van the driver refused and tensions rose. After some shouting between the driver and soldiers at the checkpoint the van suddenly exploded killing 4 soldiers and injuring 2 more men.

It had been quiet since rebels attacked a patrol just outside the city. It was thought that the situation was under control and the army had restored peace in the region. It now seems that this attack was aimed directly at the army base. At this moment it is still unclear who is behind the attack and if this attack is related to the earlier attack.

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