22 June 2016

A nasty little surprise

IED Marker 

Now that the Zangali Army and rebels are done it's about time we have a little game. For the first mission I still miss one little model, more a marker really. Something that can go BOOOOM!!!

Some real I.E.D.'s for inspiration
I have been looking at I.E.D.'s on google for a bit so I hope the CIA will not be knocking on my door. There are a lot of different kinds of IED's hence the name Improvised Explosive Device. I had a look at some pictures of what it should look like and when I saw the very first image that came up I immediately thought of warhammer 40K orks. The shells and mines look just like those and I still have a good few of those. I quickly rummaged through my Bitzbox and found a few suitable pieces I could use.

Watch out! IED ahead!
I simply cut of a few rokkitz for the shells and used a melta bomb as a landmine. I shaved the shells down a bit so they would look a bit sunken into the ground. I then added some small electrical wiring and then added the sand. After that I painted the whole thing up and added some grass tufts.

I pretty pleased with the results and will make a few more. Now I know the whole idea behind an IED is that they are concealed and not spotted easily but for wargaming that doesn't work. Then I could just as well put sand on a 25mm base and say it's an IED marker.

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