12 September 2016

A new term..

After a brief period of peace the African and international media once again focus their attention on Zangali. With the upcoming presidential elections coming up the temperatures rise once again. In previous election rounds President Anan never had anyone running against him. This was mainly due to the fact that there were not many men brave enough to take him on and those who did usually disappeared from the face of the earth in dubious circumstances.

Now that the country is torn in half with the North firmly supporting the rebel leader and former president's son Lebon Banga things might not be so predictable. Even though  Banga has not yet signed up as running candidate for the presidency it is to be expected to happen any day now. With Banga save and sound in his Northern stronghold it will be near impossible for Anan to take his opponent out before the elections.

Whilst everyday life goes on in the Southern regions it is very different in the North. Daily riots and protests against the sitting government seem to snowball through the region. These protests have now also reached the middle of the country where Anan's troops and police force try to keep them in check. With every day they seem to get more violent and grim.

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