6 July 2016

Kanya Manili stadium Opening

The "Kanya Manili Stadium"
After five years of hard work the new Sports stadium in  Batongo that will be replacing the old "Stade d'Olympique"in Abate. Only last week the name of the new stadium was revealed, it will be called the "Kanya Manili Stadium" honoring president Anan's late wife. Manili Anan was the president's first wife and many people admired her for her lovely brown chocolate like skin color. (Kanya means Beautiful Ebony). Manili Anan died under suspicious circumstances but the cause of death was never revealed.

Stadium under construction 
Five years ago, only one year after coming to power Anan order the construction of a new multi functional stadium that could be used for sports events, pop concerts and military parades. Since the beginning of the built there were many hurdles to overcome but Anan never abandoned his pet-project. Due to poor construction the south public stands even collapsed so foreign engineers were brought in to aid the Zangalians in the construction of this new day monument.

The grand opening will take place this Friday and all of the national elite, sportsmen, politicians and world press are invited for the festivities. This has caused the minister of National Security great concern, he will be responsible for the safety and well being of all the guests.

SOON: Nicki Minaj in Zangali
Next Wednesday will be the first real test for the Stadium and the security personnel. Then Nicki Minaj will be preforming there for the start of her Africa tour. For the concert all tickets have been sold out and 50.000 Zangalians will be attending to see the great show.
And in two weeks time the National football team will play it's first home game in a friendly match against Egypt.

The president said in his latest interview on the Zangali News channel that he is certain the new stadium will bring much joy to the people of Zangali. Not only will the ZangaLions (Zangali national football team) now be invincible there will also come international stars to the country to perform at the new stadium and part of the glorious annual military parade will take place in the stadium.

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